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50 Years VAUZ

Midsummer Night 2018

50 Years VAUZ @ UZH Midsummer Night Employee Party

Dear UZH PhD student, postdoc and scientific employee
The VAUZ - your UZH association - turns 50 this year. We cordially invite you to join us in celebrating ♥50 Years VAUZ♥. The first UZH Employee Party - Midsummer Night at Irchel on June 29, 2018 - is also our VAUZ birthday party. We have prepared cool rhythms, dance, theatre, fine drinks and food for you! And the UZH offers you food and beverage vouchers which can be redeemed at the VAUZ bar or at any other bar and the stalls.
We are looking forward to celebrate an inspiring, lively, joyful and memorable party with you! A better opportunity to get to know the VAUZ and your UZH colleagues will not be there again, so soon.
Please register on the Midsummer Night Party Website until 4th of June! Only then, the UZH can send you your vouchers in time.
This program awaits you on the VAUZ Stage:
4:30pm: USZ choir - enchant your ears with beautiful songs!
5:00pm: DJ Clovis
5:30pm: Tanzquotient - would you like to dance?
6:00pm: DJ Clovis
6:30pm: Improvisational Theatre Fourth Wall - surprise... surprise...!
7:00pm: DJ Clovis
7:30pm: Gazpacho Flamenco - spirited, passionate Flamenco - don’t miss this first-class show!
8:00pm: VAUZ Raffle - win loads of attractive raffle prizes!
Until 10pm: DJ Raymondo P
We are very glad to serve you a drink at the VAUZ Bar! Come and celebrate with us! Let’s turn this birthday event into an unforgettable experience!

Dear employees
I’m very excited about Friday, 29 June. On this day, the Executive Board of the University would like to invite you and all members of UZH to celebrate the first-ever UZH Midsummer Night Party for employees. It’ll be a colorful, joyful, and entertaining party with something for everyone. Your partners and children are more than welcome to join us too. At the same time, we’ll also celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Association of the Non-Professorial Academic Staff of the University of Zurich (VAUZ), of which many of you are members.
Please save the date for this event. You will receive an invitation with more details about the party at the end of April.
I look forward to seeing you on Irchel Campus on 29 June, from 4:00pm. Until then, you can get in the mood for the party by visiting
Kind regards
Michael O. Hengartner

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UZH Employee Party – Midsummer Night at Irchel Campus

UZH Employee Party – Midsummer Night at Irchel Campus